Another Chapter Down

Last copy over from my old blog:

Its 12:45 am and I just completed another chapter in my book. I had spent so long editing and reediting the earlier chapters until I figured that I wasn’t being productive. Another author on twitter suggested that I just move on to the next chapter and so I did. 3k words later the chapter is complete and honestly I’ve learned a little more about the character Vespasian myself. It’s funny even as the author and having an outline and direction for the story you still sometimes change it up and just let it go depending on your mood and inspiration at the time. Vespasian took a different turn than I thought I was going to have him take and at the end of it there were some flashbacks into his life.

It’s weird as an author when you make up a character’s backstory on the spot without really putting to much previous thought into it. You give it careful examination, editing, and thought while you’re writing it…you want everything to fit and be perfect. But still, you didn’t know his past before you really finished writing it and that makes for an interesting story in and of itself. Vespasian seems much more fleshed out to me now and the detail I went into his past in this chapter only took up a page or two of the chapter but was fulfilling to me. I hope the readers enjoy this chapter as much as I did, it was both sad and deep…but I’m the author so of course I would think so.

I may post the first chapter or two here in the next week just to let people read it on my blog and try to get into the story. I want to leave plenty to guesswork and mystery while I write and finish out the book so that people who get the book are surprised and kept entertained. But I still want people to understand a little more about the world of Etherea and the man of the book I am writing, Vespasian.

Good night for now


~ by robertsinferno on August 1, 2009.

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