Chapter Reworking

Another copy over from my old blog:

So I sent Chris “Gelco” the first four chapters of my book to look over. This is the first time he has seen the book even though he is my closest friend and confidant on the Etherea team. I recieved some feedback this morning from him stating that the chapters made him want to read more, which is obviously a good thing, but some details were missing especially about Fort Estan that were needed to draw him in. I took that and ran with it, it inspired me a little in the right direction to fill in and create descriptions of the town as Vespasian and his guider Sebastian ran through the town. I was able to describe the houses, shops, town center, various districts, etc. It gave me another 2-3 pages as well.

I didn’t want to stop there though, the chapters still bugged me because how some of them were only a few pages long so I reworked the 14 chapters I have now down to 11 chapters. They flow a little better in my opinion that way and also make for more full reads within each chapter. I’ve only reworked chapter 1 and 2 though, I’ll tackle a few more later and hopefully early next week continue working on chapter 15.

Real work calls and I have to write up some trips reports about my recent trip to Africa (I led up a team of a few people in an effort to pick villages out in Cameroon for future humanitarian work under the NGO Engineers Without Borders). It was a great three week trip but there’s a lot to write about and document and my boss who wants it is a full bird colonel…so I better get to it. Somehow I don’t think he’d understand “yes sir but I really needed to finish the next chapter in my book.”

Until later,


~ by robertsinferno on August 1, 2009.

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