Challenge of the Day

I’m still moving into my new dorm room and hanging out with all of my friends that I haven’t seen since last semester. However, I managed to put away 2k words on my latest chapter. It was a little difficult though because its really not easy to translate everything from your mind to words and have it give off the same feel. I’m not some amazing author but I think I’m pretty good at writing…however fights in words just aren’t my strong point. In this chapter there is a good bit of fighting, actually the whole chapter is a very large scale battle. I can describe what it looks like, give the feel of the battle, but the individual fights are rough. You can only say something like “Vespasian quickly rolled out of the way of the Minotaur Warrior’s sword.” or “Vespasian thrust his sword into the Undead Archer’s stomach and as he pulled it back out again it tore away its decaying and foul smelling flesh” so many ways and so many times before its just not as descriptive and epic as you want it to be.

I’m sure once I’m done with all the chapters Ill be able to go back and edit everything up pretty well. Give it a sort of literature paint job on an old sports car to make it look sexy again. I also realize I’m going to need to get a few people to read over my story and give a lot of feedback before I move an inch in trying to publish it.

It’s all rough work but it’s so awesome to be able to write your thoughts down and make your world and characters come to life. I don’t ever anticipate thousands of people reading my book or falling in love with the world I’ve created but it’s a lot of fun for me to do for myself. Also, those that do read it and find Etherea to be a great place to let their minds wander and live in for awhile…no matter how small the group…it’ll honestly be worth it.

Later gang


~ by robertsinferno on August 2, 2009.

One Response to “Challenge of the Day”

  1. Why don’t you try roleplaying with a fellow writer to add some variety? I have no problems helping you if you’d like to break things up a bit (and I’m quite creative at keeping my RP characters from dying.)

    If you drop by my forums ( ) and leave a request in the Think Tank with a few more details (like what sort of monsters I’m playing) I’ll get all creative and stuff with weaponry. ^^ You can take your favorite parts to edit and stuff in the story. We all go home happy!

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