An Epic Chapter Finished

As I promised, here’s the update on my latest chapter.  I completed what was previously chapter 16 out of 19 (I have since consolidated some of the chapters to make for a more coherent book with longer chapters).  This chapter was by far my favorite because of a few reasons.

For one, I ended up changing just about all the characters’ names in the book minus Vespasian.  The reason behind this is that I wasn’t satisfied with some of the names I was coming up with.  I don’t want to just copy some other fantasy book or Elven name generator online, I wanted my names to have purpose and a feel to them.  So what I finally settled on was giving each race a society they are based off in the real world and using names from that society.

Example:  The Minotaurs are a very wise race even though they are powerful warriors.  When I imagine their cities I see marble like buildings on the side of mountains.  Given that information and what I feel about the Minotaurs I have modeled them after the Ancient Greek society and so I am using Ancient Greek names for the characters that are Minotaurs.
I won’t tell you which societies belong to which race, you can read the book and figure it out pretty quickly.  I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone or take away the chance to make the connection.  But the societies are Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Mongolians, and Spanish/Portuguese.

Another reason this was my favorite chapter is because I fell in love with the characters I was imaging up and instead of just naming the character and giving a short sentence or two about their connection to Vespasian I went into greater depth.  I talked about the character’s back story, how they came to where they are now, and in detail how they met Vespasian.  The three new characters I introduced in the chapter belong only to that chapter and if I choose, which honestly I will, I will end up writing another book about the adventures about Vespasian and these characters later on.  I wish I could explain how it all fits in better but it would ruin to much of the story.

Lastly I really like this chapter because having been inspired about the names I have decided to go back and rework the previous chapters adding a lot more back story for the characters I’ve introduced.  I want each character to have enough information and detail about them presented to the reader that the reader can fall in love with that character or relate to that particular character.  I feel as if I’ve figured out more about writing through this.  It’s like you have been going to the gym and bench pressing 215 for the longest time only to return and bench 250.  A huge jump, a great pay off, and a feeling that you’ve really improved.

I hope my readers are excited about this chapter as I am but for now being this excited is good enough for me.



~ by robertsinferno on August 4, 2009.

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