Problems and Progress

I made some progress tonight by knocking out another 2.5k words on my next chapter. After I consolidated some of the chapters the numbering doesn’t match my outline anymore but according to my outline I’m on chapter 17 of 19. I’ll probably make chapter 17 into two chapters though because of how long it is ending up being. But that is a great thing for me as an author because longer means I’ve got a lot to say. As I write so much comes to me and the writing itself inspires me to tell more about the story. It’s very much as if the world of Etherea is in my mind and I keep getting reminded “hey you forgot about that though!” So I just keep having to add more and more.

I also find myself going back and editing up the earlier chapters a lot. Classes started today and I’ve got some pretty rough courses such as Astrophysics 310…meaning that I don’t have the time to write for long periods of time during the day. It does however give me the time to go back and edit stuff or add stuff in to earlier chapters without feeling like I’m putting off writing the later chapters.

The problems I’ve been running into though have centered around making even a small name for myself or getting a decent number of people to follow my blog, twitter, or w/e. I hate for this to sound bad but it’s not about the people…I write for me and for the world of Etherea I see…but it does make it a lot better to have people interested in the world and to have an audience. I’ve joined multiple forums though to start talking with writers, people who read fantasy, and even those that don’t like fantasy to try to get them interested in it. I’ve been linking my site at these forums and hopefully it’ll pay off in the long run.

Again, me writing is for me and because I enjoy it but it sure is a nice feeling to have other people enjoy your work…your world. All will come with time though and I just keep having to work at it…no one said it would be easy and thankfully it’s not. Nothing too easy ever taught anyone much.

Good night all


~ by robertsinferno on August 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Problems and Progress”

  1. I did a lot of diverging from the outline and splitting chapters myself. 2.5k of words is a nice chunk for an evening of work, good going.

    Wanting to share your creativity is perfectly natural, I can understand that.

    • Thanks. Yea, changing up the outline has seemed to be a big theme with my story here lately lol.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Just out of curiousity, how long are your chapter lengths?

    Kind regards


  3. Most of my chapters are around 3k words but I have a few that range into 6k. My book should end up around 65k words when I’m done writing/editing.

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