Artist Search and Progress

I’ve been having a good week so far with my book.  I knocked out chapter 17 meaning I only have 2 final chapters left and I was able to find a few great artists.  A couple of the artists are doing sketches to see which I like best for the cover  and then I’m buying additional illustrations to be shown on my website (I’ll be making a website for the book when I move to publish it).  The illustrations will give scenes from the book life and hopefully add a great element to reading my book.

I also have decided that I’ll probably change the Mongolian influence in my book to Egyptian.  The terrain that the race lives in is the deserts and it just seems to make more sense structurally.  Also I removed the prelude from my book and have started the creation of “The History of Etherea Book III.”  This “book” will be quoted in my story at the beginning of each chapter to fill people in on what past story they need to know in a creative manner.  I know a lot of people hate to read preludes so this, to me, is just the better way of doing it.  Also the number III just isn’t made up, I’ve actually thought about if there were books of history on Etherea how many would there be at this point and the answer is three.  I started writing these “books” which are just a few pages long each right now but something to provide a good immersion feel to the world of Etherea.
I’ve also started editing my first couple of chapters by sending it out to editing groups.  Meaning I should probably, and most likely will, post the first chapter to my book on this blog before too long!

In the mean time I need to worry about some of my classes, Astrophysics being one of the ones to worry about today.  So off to class…later!


~ by robertsinferno on August 10, 2009.

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