Decided on my Book’s Title!

Until I publish everything’s open for change but I think I’ve finally come to a decision on the title.  I will be calling my book “The Shadowborn General.”  The title is both mysterious and very descriptive about the book.  My hope is after the reader finishes the book (it’ll actually be revealed a few chapters before the end) that everything will make sense about the title, who the Shadowborn General is, and why this is so significant to the story and the main character.

My first chapter was also submitted for critiquing and I received a lot of good feedback.  I’ve used it to change up the first couple chapters for the better (I hope!).  I’m also looking to change up the way I write Vespasian’s thoughts.  Instead of being the “all knowing narrator” who talks for Vespasian eg:

Vespasian wondered to himself how he managed to get into such a situation.


“How do I get myself into such a situation,” Vespasian said to himself.

changed to:

How did I get myself into this situation

The italicized words pose problems with how I have been writing previously and will cause me to do a lot of editing but I feel it gives a more personal feel to the story.  I’ll be changing a few chapters, seeing what critiques I get about it, and then move from there.
So much work to do!  But it’s all very exciting.

Thanks for reading and more soon to come!


~ by robertsinferno on August 15, 2009.

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