Illustrations Purchased

I signed with an artist who made me three illustrations. One will be used as my book cover and the others will be put up on my website to just show off the world of Etherea. The illustrations were done with great quality and the price was very reasonable so I’m excited about it all!

My friend and Co-Project Leader of the Etherea: Revelations web based game is currently working on the Etherea website. As soon as it’s up I’ll post it here and there you can find more information about Etherea as well as artwork. The world of Etherea and the story I’m working on came before the game we attempted to make…however I can’t ignore all the work done on the game and the visuals made supply a lot of great feeling and color to the world of Etherea.

I’m still working on getting my book critiqued and finishing up the last two chapters. It’s rather hard to write the last chapters because you want everything to tie in and wrap up perfectly. The critiques are coming back with a lot of good feedback and feel to them so I feel that I’m getting a lot of work done.

As of right now I’m still on target to publish my book by the earliest December and latest March.

Thanks and I’ll write again soon!


~ by robertsinferno on August 19, 2009.

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