Bittersweet Progress

I figured that I was only one chapter away from the completion of my book.  I have the first handful of chapters fully edited and figured I’d be able to edit all the rest before to long and publish a little sooner than I predicted.  I had the interview with Robert Donovan and everything was going great.

Well I ended up sitting down to write that last chapter and had a complete change of heart.  I wasn’t done with Vespasian yet.  I wanted him to do a few other things/fight a few other people and learn a few more secrets about himself before the end.  Needless to say I started writing thinking I would split the last chapter into two parts.  5,000+ words later I decided to split the first of the last two chapters into two.  That puts me at having three chapters left to finish instead of the last one.  It’s both frustrating and exciting since I won’t be done but I have so much more to write about.  The inspiration just flowed and I ran with it, I’m really happy with how the first of the three chapters turned out…very exciting stuff in my opinion.

So I started the second of the last three chapters and wrote another 2,000 words.  I won’t have to split this one up and unless I really misjudge my last chapter it should hold as one chapter too.  So I’m nearly done, this will put me over that 60k thresh hold but not by a ton.  Still relatively a short novel by some comparison to epic novels that range 75-120k+ words but the story is good and I don’t want to inflate it.  I’m proud of my work so far and the bittersweet progress of needing to write  a lot more than originally expected is exciting.


~ by robertsinferno on September 1, 2009.

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