Back to Working

So I took over a week off from actually working any on my book and the editing process. Writing is fun but the editing process can be grueling after awhile. More importantly though, my classes and military duties weighed heavily on me this past few weeks. It’s been a busy time with papers and tests…it’s just kind of hard to write your own story when you’re busy writing 20+ pages of work for other people hah.

I’ve got a few critiques waiting on me from the people over at and I need to return the favor and critique stories back. I’m always impressed at how much you can learn from critiquing other people and what an impact you can have on their writing. You never want to take away a person’s flavor even if you don’t agree with their style. However, helping them fix passive voice (my big issue right now), spelling mistakes, etc can make their writing become much more professional.

I’m going to knock out some critiques, use some of the ones waiting on me on my story, and keep plugging on!



~ by robertsinferno on September 12, 2009.

One Response to “Back to Working”

  1. I completely agree. Doing critiques has helped me immensely, I’ve improved seeing things in my own work a lot my looking for it in others. Just as much I see things other people do well and I don’t.

    Good luck with the plugging!

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