Chapter 19 finished

I just finished chapter 19.  It came in at 4,375 words which is largely focused on a grand fight scene.  This chapter is largely about uncovering a few mysteries that have been formed throughout the book and Vespasian becoming pretty powerful.  The next chapter should be the last, I say should because I thought I’d only have 19 chapters but inspiration hit awhile ago.  It’s weird finishing your book, it’s kind of sad to put your characters to rest…finishing the tale.  I already admitted that there would be a second book but until I start work on that Vespasian and all the characters are left in an uncomfortable limbo for me as a writer.  Part of it though.

Still getting critiques on my earlier chapters, going to try to set up a personal queue on to get quicker feedback on my chapters.  I don’t want to have to wait another 15 weeks (1 chapter a week) but I don’t want to hurry up the process to much.  I figure about 8 weeks is all I need to get all the critiques and work done.
On another note though the map for Etherea is almost done, the artist is putting on the finishing touches.  It’s a black and white map that I’ll be placing in the front of my book.  I’ll post it here when it is completely done.


~ by robertsinferno on September 20, 2009.

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