Eventful Night

Here is is September in Colorado, and it snowed all day long.  It’s still about 40 degrees in my room because dorm management didn’t expect it to get cold so soon…so no heat until tomorrow.  I knew it was going to be a long day when I woke up and saw all the rain and snow mix into a depressing slush.  But it turned out to be a much better day than I thought.

After getting through the day’s classes I did some work for pertaining to my job in the squadron and sat down to read critiques.  I received four new critiques on my chapter 5 today, which is a great number in one day, and worked through them.  I finished them up and then started self-editing chapter 7 and 8.  These two chapters are probably my worst, they are the interim chapters between the real action.  They reveal a lot about the past of Etherea and have a few new mysteries unlocked and introduced in the chapter.  However, it’s a lot of “telling” and not so much “showing.”  Given the nature of the material presented though this is unavoidable, I keep picking through the chapters with a fine tooth comb trying to make them better.  Hopefully I’m being overly harsh and the readers actually enjoy these chapters.  After these two though the action really starts to ramp up and continues to do so all the way to the end.

A lot of books have a U shaped curve or even a bell shaped curve in terms of action.  Whether it be a slow start, dramatic middle, and then weaning the reader off before the end…or the more popular U shaped curve of a lot of action to hook the reader, the middle connecting part, and the ramp up for the end.  My book on the other hand is more like a linear progression.  It starts off fairly slow and then gets more action packed as each chapter goes by.   I’m really proud of the second half of my book especially chapters 19-21.

I also have been considering submitting publishing packages and query letters to publishers instead of just jumping straight to self publishing.  I like the personal approach to self publishing but the book size I wanted to print my book in isn’t available in self-publishing.  The dimension I would go with in self publishing is 5.06″ x 7.81″  but I’d like something closer to 4 x 6 which is standard pocket reading fantasy book size.  I’ll throw a few lines out there and see if I get any bites, if not I’ll continue with the self publishing anyway.

Well, back to self-editing and freezing in my dorm room.


~ by robertsinferno on September 21, 2009.

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