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This is a little off key for me, I’m not writing about Etherea right now.  Instead I’m opening up a little and venting about my personal life…so feel free to stop reading this post now if you’d like.

I’m up late working on an English 411 class paper which is on the wars in the middle east.  As a member of the military, currently attending the Air Force Academy, I am very patriotic.  I love the military, I love America, and I love the idea of doing something good.  But I can’t help but feel jaded about the war in Iraq.  I will do what is required of me, I will fulfill my duty, but I don’t know how much of it I will like.

The thing that’s got me writing about this now is that the paper I’m writing about has to be personal and connected to the book “The Forever War.”  The book was great, but I hate getting personal.  I just never do it.  But here I find myself writing about my sister and her role in Iraq.  She joined the AF in 2000 and four deployments later she is not the same person.  She feeds on the desert like a drug addict searching for her next high.  Not because she truly loves war but because it is her safe zone.  Over the years she has felt safe in the desert because she doesn’t have to return to her problems in the states.  For those of you that haven’t read up on PTSD this is a common symptom.  The major problem being she has two small children that are constantly without a mother, and who have two different fathers between them.

The war has taken my sister from me, and worse it has taken the mother from my nephew and niece.  I hate war and I hate the war in Iraq.  I really want to take down any enemies to the United States, and I know I could kill those trying to kill me or my family.  However, I don’t feel that we went into Iraq informed.  The more I read, the more I study the issue, the more I realize we were mislead.  Not by George Bush…don’t give me that crap (by Cheney, yes and others).  I supported George Bush, and I support Obama…my commander in chief has my loyalty.  But I hate war.  It’s an ugly thing.

I have vented enough, thank you for bearing with me.


~ by robertsinferno on September 24, 2009.

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