The Start to a New Series

Earlier today I received an email from Chris Guerra over at asking me to write a series of short stories.  He liked what I was doing with this blog and wanted a bunch of short stories written in the realm of Etherea to be posted on his website.  For me, it’s a great opportunity to bring more readers into the world of Etherea and for Chris its a possibility of adding some writings to his website and hopefully bringing in more readers for him as well.

After some careful thought I decided to tell Chris that I would do it.  I had long ago decided that I would write about what happened in Etherea before my book The Shadowborn General took place and link everything together.  The idea of making the happenings of Etherea, in what I call the First Age of Etherea, come to life in a collection of short stories instead of a full novel is both interesting and exciting.  My plan is to bring to life the events of the First Age which will tie into the history of Etherea linking into some of the events in The Shadowborn General, which happens in the Third Age.  I aware that Lord of the Rings also used different ages, I read the trilogy but nothing further so I’m not sure how close the connection is.  The difference for my stories though is that everything is connected in an intricate way that will only be revealed to the reader later and after reading the full series.

I spent a few hours tonight making an outline and coming up with various overarching plot themes/ideas.  I hammered a lot of things out, many bound to change, and wrote the first thousand words of my first short story.  I’m not sure how long they will be but I hope for something between four and ten thousand words per short story.  In the end if there is enough desire I will put all the short stories into a book for people to read through.  The short stories will be connected and tied closely together but tell the point of views of various important characters in Etherean history.

It’s sort of funny to me that I still haven’t written the last chapter in The Shadowborn General, but to be honest I keep wanting to put it off until my editing of the previous chapters are complete.  Since it will be my last chapter I want everything to be perfect, no reason writing it now unless the editing for the previous chapters has caught up and I’ve learned all I can for the time being.

It’s exciting to me and I look forward to sharing all these stories with you all as I finish them.


~ by robertsinferno on October 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Start to a New Series”

  1. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I did that with my novel. Looking forward to reading your work.

    • It may not be applicable to all stories, for me though Etherea is a huge realm of various adventures that all can tie into one. However, I don’t plan on writing novels about each of them so these short stories work perfectly. Also, I really just want people to be able to read my stuff for free and without having to wait on a full novel…so again it works out perfectly.

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