Balancing Act

I finished my first short story titled “An Inevitable War.”  It comes in at just over 3,000 words and is a nice little story set in Etherea, but in the First Age.  The title of the series for all these short stories is “Shadows of Etherea.”

I’ve already started on my second short story and have written 1,000 words on it.  This one may be a bit longer than the last one but we’ll see.  I’m hoping none of my short stories go over 5,000 words.  The idea being that 5,000 words and below is something you can sit down and be kept entertained while reading on a lunch break or something.

The balancing act of all this though is that I still have to edit and tend to my novel “The Shadowborn General.”  That is where my passion lies but these short stories are very entertaining to write.  I easily get swept up in doing new things especially in terms of being able to actually write instead of having to edit.  I like making The Shadowborn General better by editing it but I very much like these short stories.  I’m going to force myself to edit a chapter or two before I allow myself to write a short story, then rinse and repeat.  By the time I get a handful of short stories done I’ll be all caught up on editing the novel.

Should work out nicely.


~ by robertsinferno on October 4, 2009.

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