Inconsistencies: Defined roughly as “that thing which an author should hate the most.”

I received all sorts of great critiques, and many positive reviews, of my last chapter I submitted for peer-critiquing.  I was readying my next chapter, reading over it applying what I learned, and noticed that there was a complete inconsistency.  Turns out, the map I used to guide the adventures of Vespasian through Etherea, or the writing of it at least, was outdated.  I used a map I made years ago when I wrote this chapter last year.  The problem is that instead of having Vespasian on the west side of Etherea he’s on the east side at the end of the last chapter, vagueness as not to ruin anything.

The solution?  Either rework a great chapter, or add a completely new one.  Since I like writing and I hate that my adventure with Vespasian in this book was nearly over…I decided to write a completely new chapter.  We’ll have to see what adventures follow him in this new chapter and make it fit into everything.  The key is to make sure that I don’t try to shove a three sided piece into a two sided slot of a jigsaw puzzle.  That is, I need to make sure the chapter fits in perfectly with the story while being entertaining and consistent.  The inconsistency was caught long before final editing and submission of my manuscript, so that’s great…but I do feel a little embarassed.  Either way, it gives me a chance to write more…so yay!

Check your work!  Learn from my mistake…


~ by robertsinferno on October 13, 2009.

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