What a Week

I had to take the last part of last week and the first half of this week off.  I’ll pick up writing/editing again later this week but so far my time has been sucked up with academics.  It seems every class I have wanted to throw a project, paper, and/or test at me these two weeks.
I have a major AstroPhysics test tomorrow, going to a three hour study session in about 20 minutes…so there goes my time to write tonight.

I’ll have to write a paper and do a project tomorrow, but maybe Wednesday time will free up for me to write.  Again, I have that exciting news that I will share later when it all becomes polished.

I hope everyone out there reading this finds the time to write this week, but if not I definitely understand.  Writing is the drug which reality prescribes us to take our mind off of daily tasks.  However, I am unable to find time to get my “fix” and will suffer for it.  Best of luck to everyone though!




~ by robertsinferno on October 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “What a Week”

  1. Robert,

    Snap!! For the first time in ages I am really struggling to find the time this week, it has really disrupted my rhythm. I’ve managed to get 2,000 words done so far through sheer force of will, but as I am approaching the end of the story I really want minimal disruptions to make sure I keep everything together.

    Hope you find some time.

  2. You raise a very valid point. It’s not so much the time you take off from the writing as much as it is the break in your flow. When I was writing every day I found it fairly easy. It’s hard to get back in the mood and continue to beat things out once you’re out of it. Hopefully this next week will bring better luck for both of us.

    Good luck!

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