Poetry Submissions

I love fantasy and I like dabbling in writing sci fi, but I originally starting writing with poetry.  From the time I was around fourteen I was writing poetry of all types from rejection to love to darker thoughts.  I found my old thumb drive and figured I’d check through it.  Some of the poems I wrote were pretty terrible and typical teenager stuff, but four really stuck out to me as something I was proud of.  I submitted those four tonight to three different poetry magazines.  It’s not my normal element, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I’m committed to getting back to writing my fantasy short stories and working on my novel.  I figured this last night of “deviation” would be good for me.  Starting tomorrow (after a War Crimes and Genocide paper) I’ll give it a go.

Lesson here:  Don’t be afraid to be proud of your writing, if it’s quality work.  Branching out can’t hurt you and having publishing credits to your name in any genre can really benefit you.  Don’t expect a publisher to care a considerable amount, but in this industry anything can help.


~ by robertsinferno on November 3, 2009.

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