Finished Editing “An Inevitable War”

I wrote a short story awhile ago titled “An Inevitable War” that tells of a group of Humans and what happens after Elves enter their lands.  Today I revisited the short story to make edits on it, polish it up, and take a fresh look at it.  I was pleased with what I found and the corrections I made.

I wrote about my short story previously in this blog but now that it is finished I figured it was due a second post.  The story is the first story in the series “Shadows of Etherea” which takes place a long, long time before the novel “The Shadowborn General.”

I already have 2k words written on the second short story, unrelated to the first outside of it taking place in Etherea, titled “An Act of War.”  Notice a theme?  These two short stories are the beginning of the wars that take place in Etherea each telling a different view.  “An Inevitable War” is the Human vs Elf viewpoint and “An Act of War” is the Minotaur vs. Panterran viewpoint of their war.  “An Inevitable War” comes in just over 3k and I imagine “An Act of War” will be about the same, if not around 4k.

Maybe I’ll get lucky with one of them and have an accepted submission to boast about later.


Best of luck to you all and your writings



~ by robertsinferno on November 9, 2009.

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