The Contest Continues

The contest for Fantasy Brewmasters continues.  I had sent in my 3k+ piece and Chris, the brewmaster himself, seemed really impressed with the story.  He had some changes he wanted made and raised some valid critique points.  Which is a good lesson for everyone.  I have talked with Chris before and he was open to receiving a rough draft of the story, but for normal contests and submissions never leave it to the person running the magazine/contest/etc to read your rough draft.  Always receive every bit of critiques and make all the changes you want too before submitting your piece.

For this more casual submission though I was able to see what direction he wanted me to take in the story.  I’m turning the story into a myth a father dwarf is telling his son after his son feels inadequate about his skills as a warrior, even though he is but a child.  The good part of it all is that I have so many ideas about the world which this story takes place in to include new races of my own creation, grand halls and cities for the Dwarves, and a ton of features of the world.  I hope the story gets chosen because I would love to continue writing on this subject.


~ by robertsinferno on December 7, 2009.

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